Web Analytics Wednesday

Talk: Beyond the Cloud - Mark Edmondson

March 12, 2018
How we work with data has today moved far beyond from an Excel sheet to cloud tools/services. Mark Edmondson has been leading the way in using Google Cloud to work with large amounts of data.
Today it has become easier and easier to build your own web analytics e.g. Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. We are in a crazy situation where everybody with a good idea can create a service that scale to a billion users. That put us in a “build-or-buy dilemma”. As a small company, you might buy you into these services, but as you get to a bigger company and get more and more resources and tech resources, the build options are today getting more and more feasible.

 (Mark Edmondson is an official Google Developer Experts and plays an active role in the strategic development of Google’s data analytics products offering. At IIH Nordic, he works with the architecture of datalakes, BigQuery and Machine Learning.)

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