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Paul Bongers (Searchmetrics) - SEO, Search EXPERIENCE Optimisation

April 19, 2016 searchmetrics, seo, wawcph
The Google algorithm is looking more at the experience than just keywords. Bongers of Searchmetrics gives us a StarWars themed talk with some examples on the latest changes with Google where they will prioritise the sites that 'optimise for people' and aim to be most relevant.

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Birtle February 14, 2019 09:22 AM Delete

Paul Bongers give amazing speeches. I have listened to his speeches previously on assignment writer australia, and they all were inspiring. He always talks about truth, and explains every topic brilliantly.

sara him January 22, 2019 11:58 AM Delete

This is a great basic guide, thanks for posting it! I always strongly suggest that people run a PPC campaign first, BEFORE doing any SEO, because how else will you know if your keywords convert? I don't know how many times I've worked with clients Get Essay Done who have spent months, if not years, and tons of money trying to convert traffic that just doesn't convert very well, especially with very broad keywords.

Stipe Jones January 16, 2019 07:23 AM Delete

Google algorithm now updates every day and it is making a lot changes which are shuffling the rankings of websites every now and then. We are struggling to grasp the concept regarding what google actually wants from us.write my assignment for me

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