Henrik Stenmann's Heartfelt Speech after winning Best...

428 views November 13, 2019

13 November 2019: IIH Nordic celebrates their win as the Best Place to Work in 2019. Henrik gives...


IIH introduction 2019 - Best Workplace in Denmark

265 views November 13, 2019

An introduction to IIH Nordic and its employees working at the best workplace in Denmark.

Web Analytics Wednesday

WAW Copenhagen #2

286 views November 06, 2019

On October 30, 2019, IIH Nordic held the second Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen 2019 alongside...

On Tour

IIH Nordic er sølvpartner til E-handelskonferencen 2019

163 views October 08, 2019

FDIH's E-handelskonference 2019 afholdes den 9. oktober 2019 i Øksnehallen og IIH Nordic er...


Henrik Stenmann - Tag Ansvar Prisen 2019

197 views September 24, 2019

Vores CEO Henrik Stenmann er nomineret i "Tag Ansvar Prisen 2019" i kategorien Arbejdsglæde!...

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IIH Takes the Business Data Strategy Forum to Google Sweden

216 views September 26, 2019

On Friday the 20th of September, IIH Nordic traveled to Google Sweden for a Business Data...

Digital Updates

Bonnier Publications - Eng Captions

927 views August 26, 2019

With IIH Nordics Machine Learning model and data consolidation in Google Cloud, Bonnier...

Web Analytics Wednesday

Rob McLaughlin (Sky) - Omnichannel personalisation and...

1,122 views August 28, 2018

Digital channels offer organisations the ability to recognise customers and personalise...

Web Analytics Wednesday

Talk: Beyond the Cloud - Mark Edmondson

1,231 views March 06, 2018

How we work with data has today moved far beyond from an Excel sheet to cloud tools/services....

Web Analytics Wednesday

Talk: Getting Personal - Data Driven Personas by Casper...

1,071 views March 06, 2018

Personalised marketing is rapidly becoming a critical success factor for the majority of brand...

On Tour

MeasureCamp London No.10 Presented at WAW CPH

1,150 views April 05, 2017

This short film is about the Measurecamp. Filmed at the 10th London event in March 2017, this...

Web Analytics Wednesday

Introduction to WAW

2,312 views February 21, 2017

Web Analytics Wednesday is the largest global community event for the data analytics and online...

Web Analytics Wednesday

Jomar Reyes (IIH Nordic) Digital Marketing Ecosystems

1,466 views December 22, 2016

Today's marketing is dependent on an ecosystem of cloud based applications, social networks and...